About Emma

I grew up in a little flat in Soho London.

My father loved cameras! I remember sitting in a dark room, across the street from our home, watching him making pictures and enjoying the company of the people he was working with.

I went to Art foundation in East London and then studied Art and English at University.

From there I worked in advertising with my partner at the time, Stephen Seal. Steve worked as a computer artist retouching and adding special effects to still images. I oversaw production, scanning, budgets and resolving final artwork. Our clients included: Nick Knight, Peter Saville, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Vogue, BBH, Bjork, Publicis and Saatchi. I documented my life with photography alongside our commercial work.


I am now based in Bath, Somerset. I use a simple camera and basic computer editing to capture honest moments in peoples lives.

I work with Charities, Therapists, Practitioners, Creatives and Schools, in fact anyone wanting to show the human connection in their workplace.

Capturing a moment of understanding and empathy at how amazing we all are, is what I love to do.

A favourite past time is catching images out on the streets!